As a young company based on a 30 year respective company history of its two founders, AEQUILUX feels committed to the values of its founders, and incorporates those values in the course of consistent corporate policy and product development. Like the parent companies, AEQUILUX also seeks to make a contribution to society.

In accordance with the promise, “Light comes floating into your Life“, AEQUILUX wants to achieve efficient products and provide professional services for unique solutions to fulfil the individual wishes of its customers.

AEQUILUX fulfils its responsibility to the environment by producing energy-saving, long-lasting products of timeless aesthetic design. The objective is to be a company which inspires others by way of its innovations and responsible handling of resources.

By means of its consistent use of local suppliers and its conviction that motivated staff are the best basis for maximum customer satisfaction, AEQUILUX seeks to be a role model in terms of high quality products and the working world.

It is of immense importance for both Ruetz Technologies and Isophon Glas GmbH that they be perceived as a family business. Not only the actual core family is perceived here as a family, but staff of the company are also included within the family circle.

Only where there’s satisfaction can creativity flourish.