The Founders

The two companies, Isophon Glas GmbH, specialists in the production of top quality products of glass, and Ruetz Technologies, a development partner of the automotive sector which plays a significant role in the inclusion of LED light technology in vehicle lighting, are united by a common philosophy:

Inspired by their vision of combining creativity and technology, both companies think far beyond the limits of current opportunities, thus creating something outstanding, something that has never been seen before.

Dieter Bold founded his company, Isophon Glas GmbH, in 1979. He has been managing the company together with his son Torsten Bold since 1999.

Isophon Glas GmbH is not merely an insulating glass specialist for all applications, but has an excellent reputation and is appreciated worldwide for its expertise in the field of special solutions. The guiding principle of the company: versatility. And this is something Dieter Bold has in common with Stefan Ruetz, Managing Director of the family business, Ruetz Technologies.

Ruetz discovered his passion for the symbiosis of technology and aesthetics at an early stage: in 1982 he successfully started as a one-man company with the courage to provide innovative solutions, and to make the most unconventional visions of his customers come true.

Both companies are inspired by the same spirit and consider technological development and versatility to be as important as creativity and customer satisfaction. And so it’s no surprise that the two companies have come together and decided to pursue a new, common path under the name, AEQUILUX.

AEQUILUX has committed itself to the values of the two parent companies and continues to live them with modern drive.

AEQUILUX strives to discover unknown horizons, and to make them tangible for their customers. And AEQUILUX completes this journey hand in hand with its customers, from the idea through to implementation.