Calculation & Simulation

Optical Design

In the course of its many years of cooperation with the automotive sector, Ruetz Technologies developed a wide range of optics and light conductors from the initial concept through to approved series product.

Thanks to this experience, all AEQUILUX components are equipped with the best possible optical systems available. Highly developed, efficient raytracing programs are applied by AEQUILUX for lighting design and calculation.

Using extensive optical measurement technology, material parameters required for calculation can be measured in our internal lab and transferred directly into simulation.

Laser engraving

Lighting properties of various laser applications and models have been extensively examined, measured and optimized. The method of generating surface structures on glass using laser beams has a range of advantages compared to other methods:

  • The fineness of the lasers ensures that the glass is of maximum transparency in an unlit condition, despite pattern. It is also possible to produce anti-slip properties on accessible glass by means of coarse structures.
  • The engravings are resistant to wear marks.

By applying state of the art laser technology, developed in the world’s unique laser technology center of the company, Isophon Glas GmbH, AEQUILUX is able to achieve precise modulations of lighting characteristics – which is also facilitated via a resolution of over 600 dpi and a resultant position accuracy of pattern within a micrometer range. Thanks to this technology, a broad, continuously growing structure portfolio has been created from which a large number of models can be generated.

Heat Design

LED lamps have established themselves as energy-efficient, long-lasting light sources – but their maximum service life can only be achieved with the right heat management control.

That’s why AEQUILUX has worked with FEM simulation right from the start of development and has incorporated respective results into technology.

And in the subsequent course of development, components of AEQUILUX systems could be validated to all important environmental impacts thanks to respective simulations.

This has made it possible to create long-lasting products from material suitable for heat management.